Sundays are always busy. Today – correctly yesterday – I was busy with visitation support, counseling and telephoning.

Playing cards with daddy. Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all!

A person who came for counseling had a problem that looked very typical. Fortunately, he had connected with us before the problem got more complicated. The first action that he took for the case seems to have worked well and successfully prevented the problem from getting worse. I hope that he can gain insight into himself and take a restorative approach. He was lucky to have a chance to connect with us. There are many cases, however, that are not able to follow restorative processes and result in separation (divorce) after hurting each other, when attorneys or governmental women’s support organizations relate. It is often with such cases that difficulties remain after divorce, and children experience psychological conflicts.

No matter if divorce or not, it is desirable to come to a resolution convincible to both persons after dialogue and mutual understanding. And restorative support at an early stage of problem is essential for such a resolution. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no one else who can provide such a restorative support.

A woman who called us today was suffering from an unwanted separation from her family. What deepens her agony is not only the actual situation but also the fact that nobody had understood her situation and her psychological burden arising from the situation and provided support so she could get relieved. Her doctor, counselor and attorney at law abandoned her case halfway, which worsened the situation and left her alone. The disappointment that nobody was believable afflicted her.

If more counselors can provide a comprehensive support, in addition to listening, including advocacy and self-reliance, based on understanding of psychological, legal and other various aspects, the number of DV and abuses will decrease. It’s a pity that nobody else initiates such a support.

I finished today’s work around 4pm. After that, I cooked dinner … sushi of Pacific saury.

Originally posted on May 15, 2017

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