The latest news reports say that the number of babies born in Japan fell below one million. The rate of birth remains flat. This means that more people have come to choose not to get married and not to have a child.

Some stupid politicians blame for that the women who do not have a child. But the increasing rates of young people who are not able to get married even though they really want to or the couples who are not able to have a child though they really want to tell us that our society is no more the place where people can have the sense of security to have family. I will say it is a result of the failure of policy by the long-lasting conservative government.

Unless the politicians correct the political failure, Japan’s population will continue to decline. The economy will get weak. And the remaining choice will be accepting more immigrants and foreign labours. The capitalists may never mind it, because they simply transfer the industries outside Japan.

When it comes to me, I will not have any problems. Weak economy? More foreign labours? Both are OK with me. I say to young people that they should be careful when they get married because it is not easy to get married and raise a child in the current society. To those who have decided to get married, I give some tips to have good family.

The current laws, regime, jurisdiction, police and government are not the ones that can protect the rights of individual family members. Getting married and having a child will be hard if you don’t have the skill to maintain the family without relying on the above social system.

I say to young women, “There is no prince charming”, and to men, “Don’t say you will make her happy.” The marriage is never the happy goal but the starting point of tough row to hoe. Happiness is not brought by someone else but what to find together.

To the persons who have got married without knowing that and got into trouble, I say they should not try to settle the problem by themselves only, not go see a lawyer or join a religious cult… Just contact us as soon as possible. Our counselling fees are much smaller than that you pay to a lawyer. Troubles between a couple, parent and child, troubles of your child…we can deal with any types of family troubles.

Originally posted on June 6, 2017

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