The NHK Special, a TV program of NHK (Japan’s public broadcasting company,) titled “The wives who lose their temper on husbands are increasing drastically” was to be on the air this evening. I tuned in to the channel…

In the TV screen, an American brain scientist was speaking about the difference of the brain between man and woman. What a bore! I quickly changed the channel.

Many brain scientists attribute the causes of everything to the brain. I don’t think it is a misunderstanding. But it isn’t enough, I think.

It will be reasonable to think the difference of lifestyle and experience can change the brain. It is impossible to make all of three quadrillion of the synapses by DNA with merely tens of thousands of genomes. The brain’s nerve circuit can change at all times by the experience and conscious.

I had no idea where the discussion would go in the above TV program. But I didn’t watch it to the end because I didn’t want to get irritated.

The quality of NHK’s TV programs of the sexology and sociology areas is very poor. I think the conscious of audience will get biased if they watch such programs. I joined in making several programs of NHK in the past. But every time I was disappointed at the outcome. They didn’t show what I intended to convey to the audience.

To understand the conscious and the brain, I recommend “The Mind and the Brain”, Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Sharon Begley.

Generally, it is thought that how the mind works is the results of how the brain works. But the authors discuss from the standpoint that the thoughts and conscious can change the brain.

To get back to the said NHK TV program, I feel uncomfortable with the word of “wives lose their temper” itself. The statistics say the spouse violence occurs at a ratio of 2 : 3.5 between women and men in Japan.

The perpetrators in domestic violence are always men is a misunderstanding. And the perception that the women perpetrators have suddenly increased is a misunderstanding, too. Our Jafarec Center have had many women clients who were worried about the abusiveness of themselves and men clients who were suffering from violence of their spouses. What have changed are the number of awareness of women’s violence and the number of media coverage. In the counselling practice, I don’t feel the sharp increase.

The abusiveness of women is hidden in one occasion and strongly criticized in another…It is only a fad. Do not be stirred up by unfounded stories of the media.

Meanwhile, today, I went running around the Lake Biwa Canal after a ten-day’s rest. I felt heavy and took a break frequently. I ran slowly 14 kilometers.

A baby mantis of the size about 1 cm. Can he or she survive?

Originally posted on June 11, 2017

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