We had 10 people in today’s women’s workshop including a person who came after a long time, those who joined us via skype and men.
The work we did was the “Face” work. I used this in the recent Tokyo workshop and men’s workshop.

The purpose of this work is to “draw a picture of your face to express your emotion that you wanted to let it show but couldn’t”.
Many participants said they wanted to show anger or cry but couldn’t and bottled them up. I felt the family and society in the present day cannot afford to let the emotions shown.
The people who grew up under control by their parents and were not able to nurture self-esteem can continue to deny themselves for a long time, being not good at relieving themselves and meet with troubles more easily. The problems leave a legacy within their children, which further deepens their self-denial and anxiety of becoming toxic parents themselves.
When such persons get aware of their bottled-up emotions, they cry in spite of themselves, “Old battleaxe!”, “Old fart!”. Teenage rebellion has finally come to them, after a long struggle.

No matter how old you are, getting out of parent’s sphere of influence is essential to leave the control of parent and think of self-decision and self-reliance as personal basic conviction. The power to leave is difficult to obtain by yourself alone. So, the group workshop exists as a place where the participants can grow themselves each other.
The persons who were emotionally contaminated by their toxic parents for a long time can detox the poison of parents with the vaccine of group workshop and start nurturing themselves. Then, the starting point will be the word that expresses their bottled-up emotions – “Old battleaxe! Old fart!”.

Originally posted on June 16, 2017

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