Last night, I enjoyed a cimena “A Monster Calls”. The film is a dark fantasy drama that tells the story of soul-to-soul communication between a lonely boy and a monster with fantastical spectacles. It is not a kind of good-bad arguments, not a love story but a story of solitude of a boy and his growth… It was a very profound story.

From the window of the boy’s room, he can see a cemetery, and a big tree standing there. He lives with his mother. She is divorced and terminally ill. He is suffering from bullying at school…The story starts with such a dark situation.

The boy dreams nightmares every night. One night, a giant tree-like monster visits him. Then, the drama begins to unfold. The story is… the story to tell the truth. The body is forced to face his truth deeply hidden in his mind.

What is your truth? What is your false? – The unforgiving questions of the monster makes the boy bowl, rage and cry…struggle. At last, the truth he finds is…maybe the brevity to face the difficult reality, I think.

Unfortunately, today’s children have no chance to see the monster. They are hidden from the truth, live in the fake prosperity, continue to escape from the reality and are forced to live the cruel real life without becoming quite adult. They never know where they live and what they do. They only play their roles given inside the cage named ‘family’. It is quite natural that today’s people do not know the true meaning of family and life and hurt each other to break the family. I hope many people, no matter adult and child, see the film. It’s a nice film, indeed.

Originally posted on June 22, 2017

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