I’m bored with the stupid talks of Prime Minister Abe… What is the productivity? The most unproductive persons are the old farts sitting in the parliament. All what they do are napping, jeering and unthinking applause to Abe. They put aside the functions and productivity of parliament. They only mind spending tax money for their own or their friends’ interests.

Many years ago, I were aware that the harder I work, the more I was exploited. (I learnt this from the books of Marx very long years ago.) Then, 30 years ago, I chose not to do productive works. I mean, I chose not to be a hired worker.

To do this, I needed to get free from the brainwashing that “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.” So, I also chose I consume as less as possible. (Ref. The Moneyless Man. Mark Boyle)

The above my choices were based on my instinct I felt about 50 years ago. I was a so-called LD (learning disability) child, who were not able to apply to the society’s values. I think my choices were very good. Meanwhile, Ivan Illich’s radical thought of “unplugging” was one of the thoughts that influenced me.

The key is “money”. It is no problematic as far as money is an endorsement to credit simply. Once money becomes a tool to control and exploit you, however, you should quickly escape from the money-based production-consumption scheme, I think.

Most people are not aware of the artful brainwashing and control of capitalism, being robbed not knowing the way of resistance. It’s a slavery. I was a LD child, luckily. I had adjustment disorder, and I was not brainwashed.

I have lived choosing what looked contrary to common sense: being masculine, familism, obligation to provide labor, tax obligation and confidence on medical care and judiciary, etc. Thanking for this, I didn’t become a slave.

”I decide what I do in my life.” “I don’t exploit, nor am I exploited.” “I don’t control anyone else, nor am I controlled by anyone else.“ I am not involved in the control scheme by economy. Even I can get some profit from the scheme. So, naturally, I am living a very happy life now. I am free from anxiety or hardship.

Meanwhile, I wanted to write about yesterday’s workshop for men and women to be free from violence. We had 7 persons both men and women, including participants via Skype. The theme was “your risk management”.

Dawn Center Osaka

A participant talked about the risk of civilization collapse. It was interesting to me, as it linked with my thought of “the risk of economy collapse”.

If the existing social systems and values collapse, how do people abandon humanity and even get crazier than a beast? When you think about the risk and do your risk management, many of your difficulties and hardship will not be a severe risk for you anymore.

Productivity and risk management of your life. It is interesting to think about them, getting out of the box. I think we live in the era where who can save your life is yourself only.

Do not be a slave! (salaried workers waiting for trains home around 10pm)

Originally posted on July 28, 2018

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