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Night bus arrival at Shinjuku station
Men's Counseling

The wonder of life… The last Yoyogi workshop session of the year

Yesterday’s Yoyogi workshop started with a chat on the theme of “The Wonder of Life”. I’ve been thinking that our concept of life as understood by the values of modern rationalism and the reality of life are quite different. Our understanding of heredity, evolution, and ecology is partial and superficial. My understanding is that the …

JAFAREC workshop Xmas
Men's Counseling

Yesterday was Christmas, but… What it means to talk to each other…

Yesterday, I had one counseling session, a group workshop in Osaka, and preparations for tomorrow’s workshop session in Yoyogi… It seemed like I didn’t have any paper work to do, but there was a lot to do.The workshop in Osaka was not so well attended, probably because it was Christmas night, and there were six …

JAFAREC Workshop lunch tofu
Men's Counseling

No Newspapers…and TV…because it’s corrupt!

In both the Men’s workshop last night and the Women’s workshop the day before yesterday, we chatted on the theme of “Media Domination and the Deep State”. Both the Corona mess and the U.S. presidential election are realities that the media is creating a fictional scenario to control people’s consciousness. The tools for this are …

JAFAREC Workshop Gourmet Night Oden
Men's Counseling

Drink, eat, and talk… It was a packed Gourmet Night

Last night was the Gourmet Night, with many people who hadn’t been here for a long time, and their grown up children. We had a full house of more than 20 people including adults and children. Anyway, it’s insane that people from all kinds of families, both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, get together …