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JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An field

With the support of many people…I am grateful for the daily life of Ten-Sho-An

We’ve managed to get through this summer! We took possession of Ten-Sho-An in the early spring, and we have been working to open the multipurpose family support facility little by little, including clearing out leftover items, doing major renovation work, cutting down the trees in the garden, clearing the fields, and setting up the wood …

JAFAREC sunset from Dawn Center Osaka

Even if Abe quits… everybody is rotten… that’s enough, Corona mess

It’s not a good time to be happy about the fact that Abe is finally going to resign due to a worsening chronic illness. Not only is there a huge negative legacy of Abe’s corruption of Japanese politics, laws, administrative system, and budget deficits, but there is no one who can properly change the future …


Japan’s politicians and business people are corrupt, worse than the smelling corrupt

They would turn a blind eye to any kind of human rights violation as long as they can make money… Since they are the ones running the Japanese politics, they are going to sell out water, seeds, and everything else related to people’s safety to foreign capital. They can do whatever they want in the …


Too silly funny? Odd behavior of a staff member infected with a highly toxic stupid virus

The fictionalization of the corona mess has finally, at long last, been heard on the street, such as that there won’t be a second wave of corona, or that it should be declared over, or that it should be excluded from being a designated infectious disease, but it’s still an online opinion. The major media …

JAFAREC newspaper partnership act Kyoto

You are just as good as you are… the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto

On September 1, the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto city. Five years behind Shibuya and Setagaya. Currently, about 50 local governments have introduced a partnership system, but only a few in Japan as a whole. Since it is not a law, it has no legal validity, but it provides welfare and other benefits …