Reality is changing. It’s like the flow of life, or the fact that everything is constantly changing without stopping. The same is true of a single subatomic particle, and of the universe since the Big Bang.

The evolution of humanity, the chain of life, and the state of society are changing, and the changes are bringing about new changes. We can express this with the word of history.

And it is also true that the waves of change, whether big or small, repeat themselves in a loop. Fortunately, we are now able to know the history of the past and to some extent direct the future. Perhaps this is because humanity has acquired the concept of time and the intention to manipulate it.

The knowledge gained from experience can be passed on to children and their peers, increasing the odds of survival for that group. However, if the medium of conveying experience is language and speech, then the transfer of information has a temporal and spatial limit and cannot be conveyed beyond human memory.

But with the invention of the written word, when information is communicated and widely shared beyond the limits of time and space, this will be a major factor in the emergence of human civilization.

That civilization has risen and fallen, and knowledge and technology have been passed down and modified to become more advanced… and today, the accumulation and transmission of knowledge has become increasingly sophisticated to the extreme. The knowledge and skills are incomprehensible to the individual, and the differences between the structure of society and the abilities of individuals have become intense.

Many individuals are powerless over society, and the few who control society are now able to control the masses at will. The ultimate in this may be the super city and the moonshot, which concept has been developed by Japanese government . What kind of world humanity is creating beyond that, or whether the world will collapse…it’s a complete unknown at this moment.

I’m not optimistic about what the world will be like in the future… but I’ve learned a lot through my experiences of living for over sixty years, and I’m confident that those lessons will to some extent contribute to the choices I make in my future life.

However, many people have been deprived of the freedom and the opportunity for self-determination, given only manipulated information and controlled by so-called brainwashing. I have some concerns about what will happen to such people in the future, but I can’t do anything about it.

At least, I hope there are more and more people who are not controlled by information, who get information by themselves, who think for themselves, and who decide for themselves what to do with their lives.

The night before last, at Ten-Sho-An, many bugs came in through the open window. This is a serious matter… Yes, there was a vintage ribbon flytrap in the old storage room… So I took it out from there, which is actually about half a century ago. I have an experience of using it in the past, so I managed to use it, but for the person who saw it for the first time or who only saw it, it is hard to handle it… Learning from experience is very important.

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

Originally posted on August 12, 2020

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