I’m experienced in learning science, but I also understand that there are some worlds that cannot be understood by scientific and logical thinking alone, and I can interact with stories from both worlds without feeling uncomfortable.

In the old days, Jung also thought in that area, and he left behind episodes of differences with Freud. In that sense, you could say that psychology is not a science, but the idea of thinking about psychology as a science is not a mistake.

It is true that it is difficult to say which one is the right answer, because it is related to a person’s experiences and emotions. However, the development of quantum theory may help us to understand this ambiguous point.

In the meantime, I offer therapy as someone who understands both worlds, and last night I was able to have such a conversation with a client. The human mind and body are both areas that cannot be addressed by scientific rationalism alone…

The human mind in particular is incomprehensible with rationalism. In this area, Freud seems to have understood the unconscious as a wild emotion, but Jung understood it as the collective unconscious connected to all things. I have an understanding that is rather similar to Jung’s. Thought causes events beyond the physical limits…

It is also possible to understand it as causing phenomena like ghosts or telepathy or synchronization. So I am not uncomfortable talking about “a door will be opened to you, if you desire”, or “if you wish it to bloom, it will bloom” quoted by Shinmin Sakumura. In a broad sense, I am talking about Gods, Higher Power, the Akashic Records, and other extraordinary things in the world.

How a person understands reality is up to them, and I’m open to any thought or dialogue as long as it makes them happier.

The other day, while pulling out a ribbon flytrap, I was talking about how this used to be commonplace everywhere, but nowadays electric insect catchers are the norm. We chatted we wish we had one of those. Also we talked that we had to chop a lot of logs for the stove that appeared in the yard when I was cutting down trees, which is a heavy duty. But the engine chopper is really heavy and expensive and on the other hand the axe for chopping wood is also quite expensive.

The next day, we didn’t have any plans, but I happened to have some time on my hands and thought, “Let’s get the stuff out of the warehouse,” so I asked the people who were there to work on it . It’s impossible to work for such a long period of time in a warehouse in the intense heat, but I think we were able to get about 10% of the warehouse’s leftovers out in about an hour.

Towels, soap, daily necessities, food, home electronics, and other items that were given to us are stored unopened in the areas near the entrance. We checked the contents of each item and sorted them into usable items, items to be disposed of as trash, and items to be stored for the time being.

To my surprise… when I was just casually taking out a few sticks that had been propped up, I found a wood chopping axe. I also opened a paper box that was nearby and found it was an electric insect remover. How could it be a coincidence that the item I talked about last night appeared unintentionally among a mountain of leftovers….

To tell you the truth, such a mysterious event happens around me with a probability that cannot be a coincidence.

This oil set from the warehouse is still usable
The iron axe which God gave me is usable without any problem. I am grateful.

Originally posted on August 13, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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