In social constructivism, there seems to be a concept that people create the world with words, but words are used to give meaning to and symbolize every single thing in the universe. People perceive the world with the combination of the words, and they also create their own concept of the world. You could call this process delusion, or fantasy, or creation.

One constructs the impossible in one’s mind, fears or delights in it, and sometimes works to make it a reality…

Delusion make a fear of the corona or let planes fly. Jealousy and family fantasies are also just delusions. It would be nice if such fantasies made us happy, but often our fantasies dare to break down in front of reality, and without realizing that the difficulty comes from our fantasies, we curse our own reality which is different from our own, and pass it on to someone else’s problems, and get hurt or hurt….

I am offering therapy for such people. My work as a men’s counsellor is not to change the reality for the sake of convenience, but to understand the meaning of the reality, to be free from delusion, and to reconstruct a new life story.

Last night was another group workshop with women and men at the Dawn Center in Osaka. There were nine participants and four joining from Skype…15 people in total.

The theme of the workshop was delusional and we played story cards, which we also did in the previous workshops.

The participants were asked to choose a card with various patterns, and then they could freely weave a story based on the pattern.

Although you can say that you can imagine freely, you can only weave words in the thought process you have experienced. Talking to each other makes us realise that many men’s narratives are tied up in the father role.

There are many different paths to life, but they don’t think about them, and they only think about an extension of the path they have taken. When that path suddenly becomes impassable, people who don’t see the options become desperate, angry and anxious. It’s not surprising that this can lead to domestic violence and abuse….

Fortunately, I’m silly and weird… I gave up walking the normal path from the beginning, so I’ve walked only the quackery or the back roads or the beastly path, and it’s been possible for me to make sense of my existence in a free and rich self-concept that’s outside the mainstream. I’m really lucky.

I wish everyone to be happy and reconstruct their own lives, out of the roles of father and mother, out of the roles of masculinity and femininity…

By the way, I can’t participate in the Osaka work on 11 September for some reason, and Shinpei-chan will be the facilitator. I’m sorry to all of you who participated from Skype, but it will be closed on that day.

Originally posted on August 15, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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