The other day, I attended the annual summer seminar at a university. But this year I was in an online class, and instead of talking to students, I was talking to a video camera…but I didn’t understand the setting, so it might not have been a good lecture. I’m sorry if that’s the case.

What I wanted to get across was that you can only find out the truth for yourself. There is no truth in media, laws, institutions, and even judicial decisions have a lot of problems.

Much of the common sense and the normality of the world is also full of prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination, and that common sense is not right, but rather the sharing of false assumptions makes society more and more dangerous. This is the same now and always has been the case….

Most of the discourse surrounding the current corona panic is based on the assumption and is not accompanied by evidence. In a sense, those who spread lax discourse have a purpose, and since it remains hidden and never comes out, people are easily brainwashed.

PCR, masks, social distances… to avoid places of the Three C’s (Closed spaces, Crowded spaces and Close-contact settings)…etc. Coronavirus is just a cold. The problem will eventually end just by improving the way medical care is provided to prevent it from becoming a medical collapse and protecting high risk people. This and that, in my opinion, is useless and should not be forced. It’s enough if you want to do it. It’s just a cold.

It is not possible for a virus to spread everywhere and cause deaths. People who have a little knowledge of virology and infectious diseases understand that.

However, this fact was not passed down to the public, and people who excited people’s fears by screaming that it was dangerous.

I don’t say much about it, even though there have been about a hundred deaths this summer in Japan from heatstroke in the last few days alone, and almost only a few in the coronavirus. It’s not the coronavirus that’s dangerous, it’s the stupid experts and the media that are ignorant and encourage ignorance. If the people continue to be stupid, they’re going to make a hell of a mess.

There are many ways to look at the coronavirus. We shouldn’t complicate matters by making snap judgments without knowing the truth. It is important to evaluate the media. A sober report from Sweden is very inspiring (*Japanese content.)

Well, tomorrow is our monthly Gourmet Night. It’s an advanced session for those who are receiving work or counseling…no general admission.

It’s all about eating, drinking, and talking…that’s all there is to it. But it’s very meaningful as therapy for people suffering from domestic violence. We pride ourselves on being a place where true de-violence and true healing can be brought about. Yes, of course, it’s the “Three C’s.” Please relax.

I’m the only person in the whole country who has maintained a place like this for a decade or so without problems. Many parties who believe the discourse of experts who don’t understand the truth and complicate the domestic violence issue… I wish you’d listen to me.

I would love to have an overnight therapy session at Ten-Sho-An when the fall has settled in. That therapy or workshop will be open to the public, so everyone who is interested is welcome to attend. If you are too far away to attend the usual workshops, or if you want to learn more in a short period of time, we are waiting for you. I will let you know more about it soon.

Originally posted on August 20, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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