On September 1, the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto city. Five years behind Shibuya and Setagaya. Currently, about 50 local governments have introduced a partnership system, but only a few in Japan as a whole.

Since it is not a law, it has no legal validity, but it provides welfare and other benefits in the same way as marriage. Discrimination over sexuality is so common and so obvious that many people don’t realize that there is discrimination there. And the discriminated people can’t speak up or come out. We are not allowed to live as we are.

In fact, it’s not just sexual minorities who are not allowed to live as they are. You have the freedom to do what you do, with whom and where you do it, without restriction, as long as it is not a crime. This is a basic human right. We don’t have the right to be told what to do by the authorities.

But…the people of Japan seriously believe in the legally unfounded requests to not get close to them, not to wear masks, not to gather, not to disinfect, and they are throwing away their own human rights. This is not good.

The reality is that only a little more than a thousand people have died from corona, and the figure of a thousand is only assumed to be all deaths from corona infection in PCR, but in reality they are most likely to have died from complications. And compared to the number of deaths in the first wave, the number of deaths has been gradually decreasing and is now only a few. How long will the media continue to foment anxiety?

I’ve been saying since the beginning, but it’s not the corona virus that scares me, it’s the stupid behavior of people obsessed with the fear of the corona delusion. It gives birth to new discrimination, collapses the economy, undermines people’s trust in each other, and enables those in power to rule the people at their convenience. What power that violates human rights does….it’s clear from history, but it leads to the death of far more people than Corona ever did.

It’s not the corona that we should be afraid of, it’s the fact that we are so anxious that we throw away our human rights, that we abandon our freedom to live as we are.

But, you know… you might not understand… eventually, when things go horribly wrong, you won’t even know why and you’ll just despair…

If you don’t want that to happen…don’t be brainwashed by the media. Look at the situation calmly and choose your own life…don’t throw your rights away yourself.

Originally posted on August 24, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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