This year’s heat wave is almost over, but there were many people who have lost their lives from heatstroke. There were also many cases of elderly people who stayed in their homes because they were afraid of covid and then died of heatstroke. Meanwhile, only a few deaths from covid infection have been counted.

The total number of covid-infected deaths in Japan so far has been a little over 1,000. I wonder how many people died of pneumonia, heart disease, and stroke in the past six months… The number of deaths is far beyond the number of covid-related deaths. Even traffic accidents must have killed thousands of people. The numbers clearly show that the covid is not a scary thing.

Despite all the fuss about the collapse of health care and the mass deaths of the elderly, the point is that this is just delusion. The medical collapse could not have happened without the policy mistakes that led to the designation of infectious diseases without checking the medical risks, as they had already cut budgets and streamlined staffing for profit.

Medical experts, of which there should be many, are not ignorant of these things that even I, a layman with some medical knowledge, can understand from the outset. Professor Emeritus Ohashi of the University of Tokushima who had medical knowledge and continued to warn scientifically about the fact that the corona crisis was not a real one from the beginning. He spoke out against the information passed down by the mass media, but no other so-called experts spoke out, which was strange.

In the end, they chose not to tell the truth because they were afraid of resisting public pressure and being denounced. That is why I don’t trust the so-called experts. For those who are embedded in a pathological power society, it is their own interests that are more important than the truth. For their own benefit, they turn a blind eye to human misery, injustice and murder.

Finally, after all this time, the government and the media, who can no longer hide the reality that there will likely be about no deaths in the corona … and that there will likely be no new deaths, have begun to announce the fact. They’re not apologizing for their decisions and saying they’re sorry, but that’s what’s on the inside. That’s what I’ve been calling ridiculous.

I have tremendous respect for Professor Emeritus Ohashi for continuing to present his own theories about this area, and I bow to his efforts. I myself have learned a lot from his explanations and have been able to talk with more conviction about the ridiculousness of the fiction of the corona reports. I am deeply grateful to him.

Masks, the “three C’s”, disinfection, and social distances are just silly modes of behavior built on fiction. They are restorative rituals for anxiety delusions and delusions. The behavior of people today is no different from that of mankind in the past, when they escaped anxiety by killing suspected infected people in witch hunts and performing rituals.

The idea that science has advanced is also an illusion, and people who cannot properly use science act stupidly because they believe in the superstition of scientific discourse. That fictional discourse would be PCR.

And even now, the corona fear that has been instilled in many people is still confusing people and paralyzing social functioning.

To be clear, the masks, the three C’s, and the social distance are meaningless, useless, and a product of fiction. We don’t need to be unhappy and lose our trust in them, or our freedom to act.

Everyone, let’s not be fooled. The media is a lie. And the experts don’t tell the truth. It’s not the corona that scares me, it’s the fear-mongering media, and your psychology that makes you run away from your fears. Don’t be fooled…wake up!

Originally posted on August 27, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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