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Night bus

I can’t wear a mask… so I’m a non-masker

Yesterday I had my usual Yoyogi workshop session… I gave a lecture on the “corona problem” as usual, about the fictional media information that many people believe. The meaning of the PCR test and the test itself has been misused. And if we calmly and scientifically judge the mechanism of virus infection and disease development, …

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An field

With the support of many people…I am grateful for the daily life of Ten-Sho-An

We’ve managed to get through this summer! We took possession of Ten-Sho-An in the early spring, and we have been working to open the multipurpose family support facility little by little, including clearing out leftover items, doing major renovation work, cutting down the trees in the garden, clearing the fields, and setting up the wood …