Yesterday I had my usual Yoyogi workshop session… I gave a lecture on the “corona problem” as usual, about the fictional media information that many people believe.

I was told to wear a mask on the highway bus last night, but no thank you.

The meaning of the PCR test and the test itself has been misused. And if we calmly and scientifically judge the mechanism of virus infection and disease development, we can see that “three C’s”, masks and disinfection are meaningless and useless. However, many people wait for the development of a vaccine, believing in the so-called experts’ discourse in the media, while they mask, refrain from buying, and restrict their behavior.

In fact, this is the beginning of the disintegration of the traditional social system and the incorporation of people into the new ruling order. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.

The mask is a symbol of self-enslavement to the new ruling order. It is a prop for a society of mutual surveillance that suppresses the human rights of others by throwing away their own human rights in accordance with the will of power, without making their own decisions.

Therefore, as a person of free will and a defender of human rights, I would like to be as non-masked as possible in order to “come out” against the dangers of accepting masks because of the eyes of others, or because I don’t want to fight with them, even though I don’t want to.

As it happens, an acquaintance of mine today introduced me to someone named Ryuhei Mochizuki … I’m going to paste it here because it’s interesting what he says … it’s pretty much the same as my thoughts.


“Good morning, everyone.

Are you awake?

Are you sure you’re awake?

Are you sleeping with your eyes open?

If things continue as they are, 98% to 99% of the population will certainly be given the corona poisoning vaccine in Japan.

Minister Nishimura is trying to administer a vaccine that is not even approved in the UK, and we don’t even know if it is safe or not, to the entire population. And it’s compulsory.

Even if it’s not forced, almost all the people will happily wag their tails and take the hit.

You can tell if you’re a hitter by looking at them. Whether or not they are wearing a mask. Hey, 99% of the people will do it.

How many people around you don’t wear a mask? You’re almost certainly not.

Do you wear a mask yourself?

Are you taking it off?

If you are a member of this free subscription and you are wearing a mask…I’m sure you are. Why do you wear it? That’s because you care about the public. That means you care about how you’re seen, and you get the vaccine. The upcoming corona vaccine is not going to get you back after you get it.

The vaccine is designed to control the public.

They want to be able to control when and what diseases they will cause, what artificial viruses they can release to make the vaccine react and make people sick, how much they can kill and reduce the population, what thought patterns they can make people have, what emotions they can make people feel and what actions they can make them take, and so on.

This is linked to Trump’s abolished smart city initiative in the US.

Japan has passed this bill. It’s being done by people like Takenaka Heizo and Hollimon, evil people. They are using 5G which is dangerous for human beings and the earth.

Also, the smart city concept is aimed at destroying small and medium-sized businesses.

They can”t get kickbacks from small businesses, not really. They’re trying to do this by crushing small and medium-sized businesses, fattening up the big corporations, and creating a convenient flow for the big corporations to get a margin. That’s why there’s no food and drink in the smart city concept.

And even now, the governor of Tokyo is trying to crush small and medium-sized businesses. Most of the restaurants are privately owned and operated or small businesses. She’s making a lot of noise about Corona, forcing them to operate at shorter hours, forcing them to refrain from doing so, and tightening the screws.

It’s all connected.

“100 million domesticated.”

“100 million slaves.”

It’s completely successful now.

I mean, everyone is wearing masks. Originally, masks are a symbol of slavery. So the brainwashing is almost complete. We don’t have much time.

Even if you knew this information, does the person next to you know this truth? You don’t know. I can tell when I see it. They’ve got masks on.

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan are going to split and fall apart.

There will be a change in government. The election for the presidency is going to be very chaotic. The media will portray it as a factional war, but in reality, it’s a CIA operation.

But if they force you to pass a mandatory vaccine bill before then, you’re done.

You’ll have your arm, your child’s arm, injected with the poison.

Is that okay with you?

I mean, you’re happy with that, as a result.

I mean, you’ re wearing a mask. You’re not raising your voice about this issue, are you? (I know there are some people who are raising it.)

That means you’re going to complain and whine and vaccinate yourself, smartass, and listen to your superiors.

I don’t like it, I don’t want to, and I’m raising my voice because I can’t stand it.

This is not personal.

It’s a national problem, it’s a global problem.

The war mongers, the arms dealers, have been interrupted by Trump and Putin to get out of the war business.

Also, as you can see in the White Hat Report, they have been siphoning off huge amounts of money from accounts around the world, but those financial crimes have also been crushed by the white hats and they can’t do it because they’ve been arrested.

For the bad guys, this vaccine is a win-win situation: they can reduce the population, domesticate and control the population, and still make money.

You have to know about it, and you have to tell people about it.

That’s what’s going on in Japan.

Can the flowing Somen noodles go back on its own?

Now you’re a flowing noodle.

There are massive demonstrations around the world with no masks in different areas of the country.

In Germany, there were also 1.3 million demonstrations.

The Japanese are obedient, they are wearing masks, and they don’t complain.

The badasses can do whatever they want.

And the white hats are trying to do something about it.

That’s Abe’s resignation.

The real reason for his resignation isn’t a health issue. The last time he was sick was when he resigned. Why are you holding such a long press conference this time when you’re not feeling well? He’s going to be taken to Guantanamo for questioning. He won’t be coming back.

The world is at war right now.

And there are only two things we need to do to win this war peacefully.

Take off the mask.

Speak up.

Those are the only two.

You may share this article.

Hurry up, everyone!

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is playing coy, but behind the scenes they are trying to pass a bill to force people to take the vaccine.

Wake up, Japanese!

Take off the mask.

Raise your voice.

What kind of future will we bequeath to our children?

Ryuhei Mochizuki Online Salon – Truth and Awakening


Well, you know.

Originally posted on August 31, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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