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Shinjuku station
Men's Counseling

Knowing, accepting, and talking about yourself…the basics of trust

Yesterday, I had my monthly Yoyogi workshop session. The first mini-lecture in the morning was about “Family functions and therapy”. I started by talking about how the men’s movement has been involved in supporting men or women, going back thirty years ago when I started Japan’s first men’s movement with my companions, and how men’s …


They’re showing their true colors… money-worshippers’ schemes

The people who want to make money from Corona use the government, the media, to control the people, and it’s obvious to those who understand, but the media followers don’t see it… But hey, if you say it so clearly, it may reach the consciousness of a lot of people. It’s not a conspiracy theory, …

JAFAREC Workshop The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
Men's Counseling

Lots of men… Women’s workshop today

Today’s Women’s workshop was attended by 13 participants, including Skype participants, and five men, 38% of whom were men.The theme was reading “The Missing Piece” by Shel Silverstein (Translator Note: It was a picture book that made us think about who I am, what I am in need of…what is happiness…and many other things. …

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An plate
Men's Counseling

How do you heal the brokenness in your family… and how do you bring family function into therapy…

Today’s meeting was our once every three months case study meeting, and we had ten members, including Skype. After each of the recent updates, the dialogue proceeded with case studies. As usual, several cases of domestic violence and moral harassment in married couples were discussed. They also talked about the issue of separation, which is …

JAFAREC Newspaper Inconvenient truth

Delusional pandemic… all about PCR abuse? …an inconvenient truth

Around the time the corona scandal began, Professor Emeritus Ohashi of the University of Tokushima had been questioning the existence of the novel coronavirus. He explained logically the various “inconvenient truths” such as that the virus had not been identified, that it was said to have been transmitted from asymptomatic people but that this had …