There have been several reports of passengers who refused to wear masks and were disembarked from airplanes…but this kind of thing happens…considering the way things have been going.

It is a medical fact that masks are not effective in preventing infections, and there is no evidence for preventing infections, so masks should be understood as a problem of sociology of human relations, not a problem of medical science.

An airplane captain’s decision to not allow people to board an airplane who are a nuisance to others is justified at times, but it has to be based on clear evidence of human rights issues, such as rampage or possession of dangerous goods. What about masks?

It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to wear a mask. It’s up to the individual to decide what to do to prevent infection. So whether or not you are infected with it is your responsibility. Human rights should not be limited.

Cholera, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases that cause serious symptoms are allowed to be quarantined or subjected to compulsory treatment, which is a designated infectious disease that restricts human rights. Can the fact that corona is recognized as a designated infectious disease be justified from a medical point of view?

Influenza, which kills 10,000 people with its complications, is not a designated infectious disease. What about corona? There have been only more than 1,000 or so deaths in the last six months, and this figure is based on the notice by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that all deaths are to be reported as deaths from corona infection if the corona is PCR-positive, which means that almost no one has actually died from corona. So why was it designated as an infectious disease? There is a mystery here… I am not the only one who can smell the darkness in medicine and politics. In fact, there are many experts who say that it should be excluded from the designated infectious diseases.

If you look at it as a medical issue, there is no evidence that masks are compulsory, to say the least. The problem is a sociological one. The reason is that it bothers other people. Other people’s annoyance includes subjective things. Sounds and smells are in some cases objective, but things like clothing and attitudes are subjective. Fear of infection is also subjective because there is no medical evidence for it.

And yet…you don’t drop off smelly passengers, but you drop off passengers who don’t wear masks…this is a violation of human rights. Taking up the time of other passengers with that mess is a nuisance to the other passengers. It’s not an issue of passengers not wearing masks, it’s an issue of whether or not the captain commits a human rights violation.

Having said that, there are many people who are concerned about the non-use of masks.If there is a basis for this anxiety, it would be understandable, but that basis has already been medically discredited. So why do they get worried about it? I have been saying from the beginning that the corona is a delusional pandemic.I’ve made claims that have bitten the media. That’s because I’ve been thinking about the evidence in my own way.

The bias of that media coverage…I think it’s more of a fabrication than a bias right now, but I have insisted in the past that they should properly apologize and correct that fabrication. Otherwise, people’s anxiety won’t go away, and we can predict that the anxiety will be a negative behavioral restraint and cause enormous social harm. In fact, bankruptcies, unemployment, and economic deprivation are becoming obvious to all, and suicides are going to increase. It is not on the scale of a thousand people in Corona. It’s much more serious.The Miyawaki Channel explains the media problem in its own way.

Professor Emeritus Ohashi of the University of Tokushima has also been pointing out the problems of politics and media from a medical standpoint for some time.

In the end, I am convinced that there is a good reason why the delusional pandemic happened…and it wouldn’t have happened without the people who orchestrated it. There is no end to that story, so I won’t write about it here, but at least I want to say something about how Corona’s anxiety paranoia encourages people to violate their human rights and increase discrimination.

Unfortunately, most people still haven’t woken up from the control (brainwashing) of the media and don’t seem to realize that they may eventually get their heads shut as a result.I expect that fear to be a much bigger thing over there. I hope this is my anxiety paranoia, but my instincts…they come from over there, so they probably won’t come off…this is scary.

This is really not the time to wear a mask, but let’s take it off and go.

So yes, where does my anxiety come from? I bought this on impulse to explore information that wasn’t out in the open, including conspiracy theories. I wonder what it says …

Originally posted on September 14, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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