Around the time the corona scandal began, Professor Emeritus Ohashi of the University of Tokushima had been questioning the existence of the novel coronavirus.

He explained logically the various “inconvenient truths” such as that the virus had not been identified, that it was said to have been transmitted from asymptomatic people but that this had not been proven, and so on.

At first I had doubts about his statement, but when I listened to him carefully, I was convinced. Afterwards, Specially Appointed Professor Kamikubo of Kyoto University explained the concept of the spread of infection by type, and the fact that the number of infected people and deaths in Japan was low.

In addition, hypotheses to explain the situation, such as cross-immunity and viral interference, were presented, and the real picture of the novel coronavirus became quite clear.

In addition, hypotheses to explain the situation, such as cross-immunity and viral interference, were presented, and the real picture of the new coronavirus became quite clear.

According to them, the “scary coronavirus” that Dr. Okada threatened on TV Asahi that Japan would be a hellhole doesn’t exist, but is just an ordinary coronavirus that is already under a herd immunity situation where natural and acquired immunity can prevent infection.

And yet, neither the government nor the media are talking about it out loud.As usual, they continue to tell us to do self-restraint, to be careful with the Three C’s, and they continue to lie to us about the recent decline in the number of cases due to their efforts.

If the decline is due to masks and Three C’s measures, then the decline should be linked to mask use, but by the time the state of emergency was declared, it had already peaked and was on the decline. It wasn’t a decline due to people’s efforts. And yet, we are still calling for a restraint effort. And yet, we are running the Go to campaign with contradictory policies.

It would be more honest and effective to issue a safety declaration that says, “Don’t worry everyone, you’ll rarely die in the corona, no Three C’s measures or masks are needed” rather than spend money on the Go to campaign. But they don’t do that… Maybe they want us to keep worrying about the corona, so that they can lead to a vaccine.

After all, the novel coronavirus is…it’s not a scare subject, it’s just a delusional pandemic, and in reality, it’s just an attenuated coronavirus. All the mess was made over the fact that they made PCR plus an infected person, budgeted for accepting infected people, and made it a designated infectious disease, which is like looking at a kitten as a lion.

An article in the Daily Gendai recently discussed that inconvenient truth.

What’s interesting in the article is the fact that fewer people are dying of circulatory disease because old people refrained from going to the hospital because of the corona mess. This proves my pet theory that going to the hospital makes you sick. Here’s another inconvenient truth: the less medical care you get, the less mortality you’ll have. Of course, I don’t deny all medical care, but the current healthcare system, which makes profits from tests and medication, is harmful in some ways.

Don’t be tricked, everyone. Vaccines are dangerous, medical care is also very dangerous… You have to protect your health and your life by yourself… No time to wear a mask!

Germany around May: Police holding back anti-Corona protests. It’s not just Mr. Hiratsuka in Shibuya, I hope they do it in Kyoto too…I’ll be the first to walk in the anti-corona.

Originally posted on September 19, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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