Today I took a Shinkansen and a local train to Onomichi to Innoshima in Hiroshima Prefecture, and almost 100% of the passengers were wearing masks. That’s less than 100% because of my being there.

I heard that most people say it’s not because they are afraid of the corona, but because they are afraid of being seen by others (I didn’t confirm that directly). It’s called peer pressure. The bottom line is that people who don’t wear masks are a nuisance to others and they don’t want to be seen by such people.

However, the correlation between masks and infection prevention has not been proven. It should be possible to test the effectiveness of masks if you want to, but no one has done it. If they had done it, they would know that masks are useless, so it might be bad.

If there was a correlation between masks and infection, it would appear in the numbers. I haven’t seen those numbers.The rate of mask wearing remains high, but the rate of positive PCRs rather than infection rates has gone down, and the mortality rate has definitely decreased dramatically. The media rarely says anything about a drastic reduction in mortality rates.

PCR does not confirm the presence of infection in the first place. It only shows the presence of some DNA sequences of the virus, and the developers of the method were strictly warned about its usage, yet the government and media repeatedly announce the lie that PCR-positive people are infected. And they continue to spout the delusion that the vaccine will prevent infection. I am not the only one who can see the malicious intentions here.

There are many irresponsible reports that masks and Three C’s measures are a powerful way to prevent infection, but they are almost meaningless. Even with such measures, when there is an epidemic, you can still get infected. Also, since the corona is an RNA virus, it can mutate in a short period of time, and the vaccine may not be able to catch up with it, resulting in only side effects. Even if an epidemic occurs, the epidemic will naturally subside as a result of the formation of herd immunity and the fact that it will eventually be mutated into a weakened form.

The problem is the media’s repeated use of PCR to falsify the vague existence of the novel coronavirus in order to make it seem as if it were real, and the fact that people who have been contaminated by the media’s intentions have been fitting themselves into the fake gag. We have become so obsessed with the delusion that those who don’t fit in are the ones who annoy others, and the society has become a mutual monitoring system.

The thought that we are afraid of the public eye, that we don’t want to be on the side of the discriminated, so we have no choice but to be on the side of the discriminated is the scariest of all. We’re going to end up in a world of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war.

I don’t want to be a part of this trend. If I want to stand, being on the side of discrimination is enough. I will always be oriented to be a minority. That is who I am, having lived with myself as an outsider since I was a child. With this strong self-belief, I don’t get insecure no matter what the world is going on, and I don’t get carried away by the media, or the opinions of the experts.

If everyone would just stop wearing masks all together and go back to living the way they did a year ago, everything would be clearer. A friend of mine who lives in Victoria in Australia said that even though the state government is implementing crazy policies, the beach was quite crowded the other day and everyone was not wearing masks. The Japanese would be the first to be hit and thrown into the Matrix world. It’s okay, but do what you want…it’s your choice.

Originally posted on September 22, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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