I worked at Ten-Sho-An again today… or rather, I volunteered. The seeds I sowed two weeks ago have germinated, so I thinned them out as necessary.

After the sun went down, Koji-san took a rest after watering the seeds. Thank you.

It was a day of volunteer work, I also did some chopping of firewood and burning wood waste on the dick stove.

I’m a free volunteer for both Ten-Sho-An and JAFAREC. I am a representative of this organization, but actually I don’t receive any executive compensation or benefits. I ride my motorcycle to work and use the money I receive as my travel expenses to make some extra allowance. I don’t really care about making money, so I’ve decided that it’s fine if the business doesn’t go into the red. It would be better to get a little greedy, earn a certain amount of money and expand the business, but…I’m not very good at that.

Many people have joined Ten-Sho-An as staff, and I’m really grateful for their support. I can’t make any progress on my own. I understand that everyone comes to Ten-Sho-An because they can get something else important even if it doesn’t make any money. I’ll continue my activities in my own way so that I can offer that important thing to everyone. Please do keep a warm watch on me…thank you.

Originally posted on September 23, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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