There are many different kinds of medications for anxieties, but basically it is all about regulating the flow of substances in the synapses of the brain’s nerves with medicines. But the problem is that the anxiety returns when the pharmacological effect expires, so we have to keep taking them and when we keep taking them, we become dependent on them. This is the limit of the removal of anxiety by medication.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t use medications, nor do I need to. I can eliminate anxiety with a different approach. Of course my approach is not 100% effective, just as pharmacology is not 100% effective. But because my approach relieves anxiety by reconfiguring the neural network (changing cognition and emotions) rather than the synapses, it is far more durable and far less addictive than the synaptic approach with drugs. (You can increase dependency by doing it, and some psychologists abuse it.)

I think I can explain such an approach… by saying that I identify the previous process that created the client’s anxious thought process, and then restart the process and reconfigure it into a safety-based thought process. It’s a secondary method of changing the situation that causes anxiety (poverty, violence, illness, etc.) to bring relief, and the main thing I do is to remove the anxiety by changing the mind and thoughts, not changing the situation.

The specific way in which this is done is… from a psychological point of view, the difference between me and the regular therapist is that if the regular therapist sees only the client’s mind as the problem, or the client’s family as the problem, I take the perspective that the problem is in society and that I am freeing the client from the problems of society. In that way, I become a co-author of a life story, knowing my client’s experiences, thoughts, and life, and working with them to help them be released. My emotions necessary to continue this work may be, in a word, “love”. It’s as if life is born and raised, and the heart that shares its joys and sorrows is expressed in many ways, like love, compassion and mercy.

Experiences of pain, fear, despair, loneliness and so on form a circuit of anxiety, and the stronger the circuit is, the more we choose the survival method which is based on anxiety, and it is impossible to create comfortable interpersonal relationships, because the emotions of anger, hatred, distrust and dependence are the source of behavior for self-preservation.

Unfortunately, today’s society is not a good environment to grow up in, and it is very difficult to develop a heart that is truly independent and full of safety and security because it is filled with anxiety. While their hearts are immature, they become adults with great minds and bodies. Because they are such adults, it is natural for them to act like spoiled children and cause problems.

It may be an exaggeration to say that my job is to fill the holes in the hearts of clients who are filled with anxiety, anger and sadness, but if I don’t have love, there is no way I can continue with the work that takes so much time and effort, which is not worth the money or the admiration of the world. On the contrary, I guess it’s more interesting and comfortable for me to live a life filled with love…rather than the world’s reputation and money….

On the contrary, I guess it’s more interesting and comfortable for me to live a life filled with love…rather than the world’s reputation and money….

I am really grateful to be able to spend my time without anxiety and filled with love by being involved with so many clients, the people who are facing the problems.

Today, I think I’m going to go out to the Ten-Sho-An and do some farm work.

Originally posted on September 29, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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