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JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An Futon

If you wish it to bloom, it will bloom… A futon came out of the warehouse

The overnight workshop at Ten-Sho-An at the end of this month… What to do with the bedding for the overnight guests…it’s too expensive to buy…yes, let’s look for a warehouse…so we opened it for a while. We knew there were a few things in the warehouse that were long-lasting, but they were buried under so …

JAFAREC autumn zephyrily

Announcements…The 14th Japan Men’s Conference

The 14th Japan Men’s Conference Guys, are you OK? Unmarried, married and divorced = A man’s tragedy? – Divorce rates are up and the number of non-married people is increasing. The painful reality of child deprivation, abduction, and parent-child separation over divorce cannot be overlooked anymore. The government has begun to say it will consider …