Tomorrow is our first real workshop at Ten-Sho-An, the 30-hour overnight workshop. There will be about ten of us, including part-time participants.

In thirty hours, you are pretty much free to sleep, eat, rest…etc. You can choose to talk, take a break, or sleep by yourself. The other twenty or so hours will be devoted to workshops. I plan to do about twenty workshops.

I don’t know if we get bored and tired, high and awake, or in a deep, deep state of emancipation… I don’t know until we try it. But, the New Year’s Day training we usually do is about 26 hours long, and everyone gets high and chats until late at night.

This is not a training session, but a workshop, so I’m sure everyone will be talking and listening to each other, as they are new to each other, so I’m sure they will be high. Yes, it’s going to be a pretty stimulating and fun time, and I have a feeling that the 30 hours will pass in a flash…but we’ll see what happens.

Tomorrow, the first day will start with lunch, haha. After an orientation over lunch, the first workshop is “My Favourites”, a unique program at Ten-Sho-An. We will collect our favorites from the garden, fields and mountains around Ten-Sho-An, or take pictures of them and show them to everyone. I wonder what everyone will find.

Originally posted on October 31, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina

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