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JAFAREC Workshop comic strip
Men's Counseling

It’s not the brain, it’s the heart. Women’s workshop, in which men also participated

Yesterday’s women’s workshop, with a good number of men participating, was attended by three women and three men. The work was designed to help you understand your own emotions. The theme was to make up a story by putting words in the speech balloons of this two-frame comic strip. My work is, Frame 1: Wife: …

JAFAREC dragonfly
Men's Counseling

Men’s Counseling Association…General meeting held!

Yesterday was the general meeting of the Men’s Counseling Association. The association is a private organization with more than 20 members, a small group, but…it’s been more than a decade since its establishment, and we’ve run a series of courses four times a year and an annual Japan Men’s Conference without a break. The term …


Overnight workshop for those who suffer from domestic violence in rural areas

Domestic violence and moral abuse, hurting and being hurt, can happen in any family in these times. When this happens, people blame one or the other for how bad or awful it is, and one side is seen as the perpetrator and the other as the victim. It is especially easy for men to be …

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An Futon

If you wish it to bloom, it will bloom… A futon came out of the warehouse

The overnight workshop at Ten-Sho-An at the end of this month… What to do with the bedding for the overnight guests…it’s too expensive to buy…yes, let’s look for a warehouse…so we opened it for a while. We knew there were a few things in the warehouse that were long-lasting, but they were buried under so …

JAFAREC autumn zephyrily

Announcements…The 14th Japan Men’s Conference

The 14th Japan Men’s Conference Guys, are you OK? Unmarried, married and divorced = A man’s tragedy? – Divorce rates are up and the number of non-married people is increasing. The painful reality of child deprivation, abduction, and parent-child separation over divorce cannot be overlooked anymore. The government has begun to say it will consider …

JAFAREC Workshop Men's cooking pie
Men's Counseling

Letting go your controlling…Hospitality training in Men’s Cooking

The night before last was Men’s Cooking. Including one woman, there were six participants. The night before last was Men’s Cooking. Including one woman, there were six participants. The menu was cat’s ear (Mao Er Duo), Mapo Tofu, Pad Thai, Vermicelli salad, etc. … Chinese and Asian. Men’s Cooking is more than just learning to …