U.S. presidential election… Oh no! You can’ t use election fraud to beat Trump, Democrats. Trump knew this would happen, so he has been working on the trial and the appointment of judges from the beginning. Both parties knew from the beginning that this presidential election was going to be a mess. It is said that this is the biggest domestic conflict in the United States since the Civil War. Well, we can’t blame the citizens of the U.S. for being unhappy that they entrusted their country to such a corrupt politician…

Politicians, the media, and the business world are all about money, and the root of all evil is that people who will do anything for money are running the world. The Chinese funds in Obama and Biden’s Democratic Party may be running the U.S., but there are some nasty people who want to destroy both the U.S. and China and create a new ruling structure, and they are planning this and that. I guess this election is also a battle among such dark forces.

Of course, Japan is not a stranger to this dark war. There’s a lot of Chinese funds flowing into Japan as well, and I’m sure the National Diet is full of people who have been grabbed by them. People are really vulnerable when they get money in their hands. Fortunately, I don’t get money from anyone, and I’m happy without it, or rather, I’m happy because of it. Lucky me!

The world is rotting away, but my surroundings are still peaceful, both before and after Corona mess. Thankfully, the hamachi set meal at the shelter last night was delicious.

Originally posted on November 5, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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