The U.S. presidential election… I stopped watching TV and newspapers, not because the media was biased and not reporting the truth, but because they kept reporting lies.

The media was always saying that Biden had won the election and that Trump should admit defeat. But the truth is that the president is determined by the laws of the United States, and in fact Trump has not lost, and the election is not over.

Also, it seems that the ugly Biden scandal was not reported at all, but instead, fake news about the Trump family was used to encourage Biden supporters and make Trump supporters give up.The mainstream media in both Japan and the U.S. were all following the same path.

This kind of media is meaningless as media. Of course, even the media has its own ideology, and it is fine for its reporting to be colored. However, it is no longer the attitude of the media to broadcast information that cannot be verified and reports that are clearly fake. Moreover, if all the major media are the same, then everything becomes meaningless.

So I stopped watching TV and newspapers and started to look for information on the Internet. Of course, there are many kinds of information on the Internet. The one I put my trust in is Epoch Times. The sources are clear, and it is encouraging to see that they continue to report from an objective standpoint, without being beholden to money or power. Even when the media was screaming that Biden was going to win, they calmly reported the facts as Trump 232, Biden 227.

It’s no wonder that the Epoch Times’ ratings have gone up and up, while the mainstream media’s ratings have gone down and down. It is natural. If you throw away the basics of media and start working with the power of backdoor money and black power, you will become more and more out of touch with the sensibilities of citizens.

As a result, the March for Trump in Washington on the 14th became a march of tens to hundreds of thousands of people. The media did report on the march, but they said it was only about 10,000 people, and they seemed to be trying to give the impression that Trump, who has no integrity, was inciting people. The truth is that many people are becoming aware of the media’s lies.

From an article on the Tokyo Shimbun website.

Well, I guess that’s how CNN got itself into trouble, and now that its ratings are down, its business is even worse than it was before. It’s not just CNN that’s in trouble, but all the major media outlets in Japan, including NHK and commercial broadcasters, that broadcast CNN’s source material.

It’s not just the presidential election, but the coronavirus news is basically the same. The coronavirus is invisible and people don’t know what the truth is, so they are easily brainwashed. Yes, I think I can understand why there were so many people wearing no masks at the Trump march. If they believed their own feelings rather than the lies of the media, they wouldn’t be wearing masks. On the other hand, Biden says he’s taking measures against the coronavirus, but he’s actually encouraging the coronavirus delusion by wearing a mask. Biden is a real idiot.

Originally posted on November 18, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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