Well, well, well… Yesterday we harvested daikon at Ten-Sho-An… This daikon is called Gensuke daikon, and it’s thick, short, and sweet… but…

The part exposed above the ground was quite thick and nice, so Koji-san was anticipating to pull it out with a little effort. But, he was disappointed at how easy it was to pull out. When looking at it, we were surprised to see that the underground part we were expecting was almost all missing. “What? What is this?” We both looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing.

No bottom part… This is a radish?

However, this radish was sweet, fresh, and perfect for salads…and although it was very tender, it didn’t fall apart when cooked…it was delicious.

We also harvested some mizuna yesterday, which grew very well. I don’t want to harvest all of the mizuna, but I plan to grow some of the plants to a certain size. I think each plant will grow to about two kilograms.

If you expect too much from vegetables and also people, you will be disappointed when you don’t get what you expect, so my basic attitude is to accept things as they are and enjoy them. So, the little radish incident became a funny story.

Speaking of anticipation, those who only watch the Japanese media might be expecting the emergence of President Biden, believing the media’s claim that “Biden won, but how long is Trump going to keep arguing?” I’m sorry, but they’re probably going to be disappointed….

I’m not going to say for sure, but Trump has been saying from the beginning that he would fight the election in court in case of election fraud, and a lot of actual fraud has come out, so they are going to court. Even if they cannot win the cases in the lower courts, they can take some of them to the Supreme Court, and if that happens, the president will not be able to be elected by the deadline. In that case, the state legislatures will make the decision regardless of the outcome of the vote. Then, each state will cast one vote each, and the one with the most votes will become president.

In fact, in the state legislative elections that were held in conjunction with the presidential election, the Democrats lost seats and the Republicans gained seats, which gives Trump an overwhelming advantage. It’s not about the number of electors… In fact, Trump has been using this strategy from the beginning of his presidential campaign.

There was some information about this on the Internet, but the media never reported it, only saying that Biden won and that Trump was crying foul and refusing to admit defeat. However, if the evidence of fraud by the Democratic Party is confirmed by the Supreme Court, there might even be a possibility of Biden’s arrest.

This may be a big disappointment for the media and their followers who were so excited about Biden’s confirmation as the next president. This is not a laughing matter. It’s not a radish.

Anyway, the fact that Dominion, a vote counting device, was programmed to commit fraud, and that Dominion was deployed in many governments around the world, including many state governments in the U.S., shows the corruption of administrative power, including kickbacks and manipulation of elections.

There are probably many politicians in Japan who are being financed by China, and it is a fact that Japan is being controlled by traitorous politicians who put their own interests before the interests of the people. If Biden and China do well, Japan (and its stakeholders) will gain benefits… I guess that’s why the media is spreading fake news. Oh, both Japan and the US are corrupt. Whether to overlook the corruption or to cut off the roots of corruption… That’s for the people to decide…. I don’t hold out much hope. This is not a radish, and it’s not funny… But I guess I have no choice but to laugh.

Originally posted on November 19, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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