Yesterday, I took a night bus from Tokyo to Kyoto in the early morning, dropped by the JAFAREC office, and then went home to make lunch for my son. After that, I went back to JAFAREC to do couples counseling, and then rode my bike to Ten-Sho-An in a little over an hour.

The other day, I assembled a kennel kit for a medium-sized dog from the Ten-Sho-An warehouse, but it was too small, so I made a kennel that fits Neo’s body size. Of course, the materials were scrap wood. I didn’t have the time or the tools, so I just made the shape and didn’t decorate it. Maybe I’ll decorate it in my free time later. But the thing is that Neo is so scared that he won’t go into the kennel… Well, I’m hoping that he will go in when it gets cold.

Japanese Oidon sweet potatoes have also grown well. We cooked rice with the potatoes and it was delicious.
One of our volunteers planted a viola seedling in our flower bed.
Ten-Sho-An’s chief farmer, Koji-san, selling vegetables in front of JAFAREC. I hope it will pay for the gas to get there and back.

After returning from Ten-Sho-An, I cooked a shelter set meal and came home around 9pm… Oh, I have to prepare for the Women’s workshop tomorrow…

Originally posted on November 25, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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