In both the Men’s workshop last night and the Women’s workshop the day before yesterday, we chatted on the theme of “Media Domination and the Deep State”.

After the women’s workshop, we had a set lunch of sweet potato rice, pork soup and boiled tofu

Last night’s Men’s workshop was compact, but valuable

Both the Corona mess and the U.S. presidential election are realities that the media is creating a fictional scenario to control people’s consciousness. The tools for this are the PCR and the Dominion.

Fortunately, in the case of the election, the medium was the visible ballot paper, so it was easy to see the fraud and the lies in the story began to appear. As for the Dominion, with the confiscation of the fraudulent data, the bias of the media and the power behind it will be revealed.

However, as for the coronavirus, since it is an invisible virus, it is easy for the media to control people’s consciousness, and it seems to be quite difficult for people to escape its control.

In the first place, the mission of the media should be to provide the truth, but today’s major media does not tell the truth, but rather spreads fake news to fuel delusion. But why do they do it? The answer is money?

For the US Democrats (and some Republicans as well), being involved in China is a good way to get bribes and big interests, so they will want to promote globalization like they did in the Obama era, and they will want to create a system for making money rather than the constitution and human rights. This trend involves politics, economics, and the military, so it is not easy to break the trend, and if Trump does not have a solid strategy, he will be defeated.

So, Trump used the presidential election as a grand trap to lure out Biden, the Democrats, and the Deep State behind them (I don’t think anyone would call that a conspiracy theory anymore)… A thrilling story like a movie is going on.

Will the Deep State be crushed and the various conspiracy theories be exposed as truth, or will we continue with the conspiracy theories and make the future a reality where people are controlled and enslaved in both mind and body? Some people may say that this kind of thinking itself is tainted by conspiracy theories… Haha.

But, looking at the Corona mess, I can’t laugh at conspiracy theories…. After all, the mask wearing rate is 100% in Japan. The media doesn’t report the fact that no one in Sweden wears masks, nor the fact that anti-coronavirus protests are taking place all over the world. They just report false information about the fear of coronavirus.

It is called media literacy to see through the lies of the media and analyze various media to find out what is closer to the truth, but I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that the future of the Japanese people is at stake in a country where media literacy education is not provided at all. In order to survive such a future, proper risk management is necessary, and for that, media literacy is essential.

At last night’s Men’s workshop, where we discussed such things, many of the participants said that they rarely watch TV or newspapers. I also rarely watch TV or newspapers anymore.

So, I’m planning to talk and have a session on this theme at the Men and Women’s workshop tonight… Oh well, before that, I’m going to give a lecture on gender and welfare to young people at a vocational school. I’m busy again today…

Originally posted on November 27, 2020

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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