My counseling is based on Rogers’ Person-Centered Therapy, while adopting some psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral approaches, but mainly a narrative approach, like talking therapy, which leads me to my own Men’s Therapy.

Men’s therapy or Men’s counseling does not mean counseling for men. It refers to therapy based on Men’s studies. Neither the therapist nor the client is gender specific.

It is quite difficult to explain Men’s counseling, but the role of the therapist in men’s counseling is to help those who have been influenced by the sick environment and have difficulties in their lives to free themselves from the influences, find their “true selves” and rebuild their lives. We do not try to control the suffering person by treating or educating them.

We do not impose or educate them on the right way to be the right kind of family or person. There is no right answer to life. The only way to find the answer is for the client to discover it in his or her own mind through conversation in therapy. The therapist can be a companion and sometimes an accomplice in weaving the story together and growing together. The story of recovery is the only story in the world… I have many such stories. I am a co-author of many of them, and they are my only precious asset.

Tomorrow, there will be a New Year’s party at Ten-Sho-An by volunteers. Looking forward to seeing what happens!

Originally posted on January 30, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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