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Yellow night bus arrival JAFAREC Workshop Tokyo
Men's Counseling

Let’s get angry… Acceptance and verbalization of emotions

Yesterday, I had a session at a facility called SBL in Kakigaracho, which I remember from my days in Nihonbashi. The mini-lecture session started at 9am, and we chatted about the lies of the coronavirus vaccine and Jung’s shadow. He explained that when our unconsciously suppressed emotions are projected onto the person we are meeting, …

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March 2021 Events

Fri, 5 Mar 7pm: Women’s and Men’s Mind and Heart Group Workshop at Small Conference Room 6, Kusatsu Plaza, Shiga Sat, 6 Mar 1pm: The Parents And Children’s Network Kansai at Takatsuki Municipal General Civil Exchange Center Sun, 7 Mar 9:30am – 7:30pm: Men’s Counseling corse vol. 1 at Hitomachi Community Center Kyoto Wed, 10 …