Good and easy cooking, life book

This book was published 24 years ago, and is now out of print, but you can buy it on Amazon for about 2000 yen. I included recipes and essays on the theme of eco-friendly cooking, linking dietary habits to the environmental issues that were popular at the time. It was still a good time back then. As time went on, people’s lives became more sophisticated and their inner nature was suppressed.

People’s consciousness has been controlled, and most of them do not think for themselves, do not make decisions for themselves, and do not have initiative.

The daily life is affluent to some extent, but the self-sacrifice for that affluence is overwhelming, and we live in a constant state of anxiety, wondering whether we will fall one day… And then, one day, when you actually become the person involved in the problem, you wonder why this is happening to you… Resenting someone, despairing….

So, people who have such family difficulties come to me….

In counseling and group workshop, I ask them to dismantle and reconstruct their previous self-concepts, such as what is a family, what is true happiness, their true-selves, etc.

Last night, we had Men’s cooking, because the best way to learn the skills to enjoy actual life is to practice it.

The menu was Tianjin rice, spinach namul, wakame soup, fried tofu with vegetable starchy sauce, and sesame dumplings.

Four men working hard to cook, prepare a delicious meal for three women, entertain them with pleasant conversation, and clean up after themselves… If you improve your skills in a place like this, any man will be attractive… haha, because you will really get to know the meaning of good and easy.

Originally posted on February 8, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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