This Saturday and Sunday, I worked on this and that at Ten-Sho-An, and enjoyed a walk in the spring-like weather….

It’s not rapeseed blossoms, but Chinese cabbage blossoms. Well, I guess it’s similar.

The other day, we started the roof tile repair work at Ten-Sho-An. The contractor is doing the work at a very reasonable price without any profit. I’m grateful for that. I came to Ten-Sho-An to check on the progress.

Immediately after we bought this traditional Japanese house, some of the roofs were completely leaking, and we have already done some major repairs in those areas, but the roofs of the entire main house, the front gate, and the warehouse were quite damaged and could be broken at any time by storms, earthquakes, or heavy snow.

This time, the work was done at an unbelievable price, and we could manage to pay for it on hand. Now we don’t have to worry about storms and earthquakes to some extent. I am grateful for that.

I also replaced the mixer tap in the bathroom, harvested Brussels sprouts, explored the attic of the main house, and took out a bunch of firewood from the attic…

Originally posted on February 15, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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