Yesterday, I repotted some mini plants that I bought at a 100-yen shop. Banyan, philodendron, rex begonia… and a cactus called hinode maru.

JAFAREC plants Hinode maru

The hinode maru is the first cactus I’ve bought, but the rest are plants I’ve grown before. It’s a revenge for the ones that died due to the cold this winter or the high temperature last summer.

I bought them from a 100-yen shop, of course, and they had grown quite well over the years, so I felt a little frustrated and disappointed when I lost them, so this was a revenge to put my feelings to rest.

Anyway, it makes me happy and relieved when I see a small plant that I bought at a 100-yen shop grow up to be a big plant in a few years… They grow up to be very comfortable and healing plants.

JAFAREC plants pachira

My five year old pachira, which was about ten centimeters tall, is now taller than I am. The sansevieria is growing more and more baby plants, and has become a magnificent pot. The fern has also grown to a size of an armful.

JAFAREC plants sansevieria

It’s fun to grow them. It’s a pity that they sometimes die, but I still enjoy growing them and can’t stop.

This joy of growing is similar to that of raising a person, and it is very comfortable to see how well it is growing. This may be a feeling that is a little difficult for men to understand.

By the way, last night I held a training for counselors of the domestic violence and moral harassment hotline. The training has just started, and I felt like I had to nurture them well from now on when I saw the role play.

Originally posted on February 28, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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