The world is about to change drastically… For a long time now, there has been a lot of talk on the internet. Many of them are too far away from the common sense of the world to be accepted by the general public, so they are not taken seriously as conspiracy theories, and there is even an atmosphere of being treated as a freak if you talk about them.

However, plots and conspiracies have been repeated throughout history, not only in the present, and it would not be a lie to say that the world is run by such forces. But most people are not informed of this hidden reality. The power of the time creates history at will, brainwashes people, and without knowing anything about it, people are tamed like cattle and eventually squeezed out.

The Zhang Zuolin Explosion Death Incident that blew up the South Manchuria Railway was staged by the Japanese military, and the people were not informed of the human experiments of Unit 731. After the war, those devilish doctors were exempted from execution as war criminals and became influential leaders in the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the pharmaceutical industry. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, which triggered the Vietnam War, was also made up by the U.S. military, and the report that Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction was also made up by the CIA. These are information that finally came out decades after the incident, and are realities that people could have known.

Recently, people have started to say that the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 were the work of DS. It is only because of the existence of people who are trying to expose the facts that have been covered up, that they are gradually reaching people’s consciousness. Of course, they have been whispered about by some people, but generally they have been dismissed as conspiracy theories. That’s how manipulated people are by the media and how difficult it is to know what the truth is. For many people, information that deviates too much from what they believe is true tends to make them think that it cannot be true, that it is a false story, and they will not accept it as true.

There is a danger that the bias of “there can’t be such a thing” will lead people to assume that the truth told by the person involved in the incidents is a lie, which not only isolates that person, but also makes injustice and crime something that does not exist, thus deepening the darkness in society. What will happen to society as a result of this? Even if massive fraud is committed in the election, the media won’t report it, the judiciary won’t make a decision about it, and we will have a society where a person can steal a lot of votes and become president. The intentions of the supporters of Trump, who got 75 million votes, will be trampled and Biden, who got 25 million votes, will become president.

This is not the first time such an injustice has been perpetrated in the US society, but it has been going on for decades. As a result… We now have the reality that hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year. The reality of what is happening to those children is so horrific that it makes you want to cover your eyes, but Trump is the one who has been facing that reality and trying to correct it.

The reason why Trump is so hated by the media and the Democratic Party is because he is trying to uncover the facts about the politicians, media, stars and businessmen who have been behind the human trafficking business for years and bring them to justice.

There is also information that hundreds of people have been arrested for human trafficking, although the media does not report it. How and when Trump will report these realities… Given that most people are biased and cannot accept facts, it is a high risk for both Trump and the US military to simply announce it. Both parties are risking their lives.

Here’s some information that’s been floating around the internet recently…

If you look at these, you can see how sick the US society is and how people all over the world don’t know about it… No, this is not just a US thing, but a reality that is happening all over the world. It’s not irrelevant to us. What should we do? We should shine a light on the darkness and get a firm grasp on its horrible reality.


Originally posted on March 5, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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