Yesterday, I gave the first class on Men’s counseling course at the Hitomachi Koryukan Kyoto.

Hitomachi Koryukan Kyoto

The theme was what is Men’s counseling and social pathology… We also talked about conspiracy theories and the Corona mess as real issues to decipher the social pathology.

We discussed the Corona scandal that is currently causing a lot of trouble around the world and in Japan as well. By understanding the truth and not being misled by the lies of the media, we can live a safe and secure life, but those who are brainwashed by the media are unable to make proper decisions and are controlled by the fear that is fueled by the media. Moreover, they are not even aware that they are being ruled and controlled. Most Japanese people, whether actively or passively, wear pointless and useless masks when they go out.

Men's counseling course Kyoto JAFAREC

After the chat, we talked freely in relation to it. Then, we did two sessions of role play. It was a half hour or an hour, quite long for a rope play, and it was a more realistic public counseling session than a rope play.

I felt that it was a very good session where I could see the growth of the participant who was playing the role of a counselor. A person in a difficult situation recovers, gains confidence and strength, listens to another person in the middle of the situation, and accompanies them in their feelings. This is a very difficult process, but if professionals who are not involved in the difficult situation treat the client from a superior, therapeutic, or educational perspective, the client is immediately reduced to a position of being controlled. Then, it becomes difficult for them to increase their self-esteem and causes secondary damage. In order to avoid this, counseling needs to be done by the client for the client.

The participants in the role play sessions also spoke well about the limitations of counseling by the so-called professional counselors of the world and what is different about Men’s counseling that goes beyond that.

Men's Counseling course Kyoto JAFAREC

The basic theory of Men’s counseling is that, structurally, social pathology pathologizes a person, and by freeing the person from social values and common sense, the person acquires new values and emotional states, and becomes depathologized. This is a very effective method, but it is not possible for professionals who depend on the power structure of pathological society…

So, eleven hours passed by in a blink of an eye in this very productive, meaningful and enjoyable Men’s counseling course. The next class will be held in Nihonbashi on May 2nd. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. I’ll be waiting for you!

Originally posted on March 8, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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