Today I went to Nomura Tailor on Shijo Street to buy fabric for the ceiling of the Ten-Sho-An Hall.

I took the subway from Yamashina Station to Sanjo. From Sanjo, I crossed the Kamo River and took a walk along Kiyamachi Street to Shijo. I haven’t walked along this street for about ten years now! The weather was fine, and it was a pleasant walk around Kiyamachi.

At the entrance of the store, there was a sign asking people to wear a mask to enter the store… haha. So I entered the store with two Ten-Sho-An staff members without a mask. I wasn’t told anything, but one of the staff members who asked the clerk something asked him if he had a mask. If I had been asked like that, I would have raised my middle finger, but I don’t think the clerk would have understood what I meant, so I would have smiled and said, “Well, no thanks.”

I’ve been talking about the stupidity of the COVID mess for a year now, but the world is being brainwashed in a more and more stupid direction. Brainwashing… This is scary. COVID is an utterly delusional pandemic … a conspiracy of celebrities and elites to terrorize people. This is not a conspiracy theory, and it is already being proven by various sources. Here are some specific objections…

Or this one… Important stuff.

In addition, the conspiracy behind the mask fiasco is… crS1L5NNSWF24

In any case, if the whole society is tainted with the value system that money and power are everything and people’s lives and happiness are unimportant, we will eventually be enslaved, practically exploited, and killed… This is the misfortune of only a few people, such as kidnapped children and the poor, but it could become the norm in the world.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening, each and every one of us should speak out and put into practice that there is something more important than money, and that is the freedom and dignity of each and every individual. Specifically, I would like to start with the “Non-Mask Declaration.” “Smile, be healthy, don’t wear a mask.”

So, after browsing this and that at the fabric store… We bought some nice colored fabric. The funny thing is that after I paid at the purchase counter and left, the staff told me that they were disinfecting the table. The three of us had a good laugh, saying that the clerk hadn’t done that to any of the other customers and that they were crazy. No, no, no… They’ re really afraid of getting infected… even though they’re paranoid, haha.

JAFAREC Spring stroll Kyoto 7 Fabric

Originally posted on March 15, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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