Yesterday, the weather was nice, so I went to Ten-Sho-An with my DragStar after a long time.

After working in the field, we went into the mountain behind Ten-Sho-An to explore the forest… Not sure where to start and end in the forest of Ten-Sho-An, haha.

In the evening, we started to cover the hall ceiling with fabric to protect the warm air. The last time, we stopped at the halfway point, so we sewed together the cloth we bought the other day with the sewing machine and passed the cloth over the ceiling, which was blowing cold air. Last time I used the whitish cloth Koji san had brought, but I decided to use pink and emerald green to make it a little more colorful.

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An Hall covered with cloth

This will help keep the whole hall warm without the warm air from the Dick stove escaping.

Thus, we at Ten-Sho-An have been steadily preparing for spring… or rather, preparing for the coming time of great tribulation, which may sound like an exaggerated statement, but I’ve been feeling that the big changes in the world that the media can’t tell us about are just around the corner.

I don’t trust the media, the government, politicians, the economy, or money ($ or yen), so I’m maintaining Ten-Sho-An as a security measure. Of course, the basic function of this place is to provide therapy though.

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An asparagus planting
We also planted the asparagus plants that were gifted to me. I’m sure we’ll have the luxury of sauteed bacon wrapped asparagus with butter around May…

Originally posted on March 18, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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