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JAFAREC Gourmet Night Mar 2021
Men's Counseling

Narrative, recovery, and… Co-growing Gourmet Night

Last night’s Gourmet Night happened to coincide with my X7th birthday, so the participants surprised me with various gifts. I’m an old man in terms of age, but I’m still growing up. I replied to everyone, “I’m finally seven years old.” Some were gifts of flowers, some were gifts of music, some were messages… and …

JAFAREC Tokyo Workshop Feb 2021

Tomorrow in Nihonbashi, Tokyo… with a lecture and workshop on family

What is a family… Let me examine the family illusion that many people in the world believe in, from the perspective of primatology, folklore and so on. When a family problem arises, people look for who is at fault, and assume that the problem will be solved by punishing or separating the person. But this …