No, it’s not good. People are becoming slaves, but they don’t even realize it…poor people…if possible, I don’t want them to become slaves.

Even now, on TV, they are saying how many people have been infected with coronavirus, and that the number of mutated forms is increasing. They’ve been trying to scare the public into believing that it’ s a big problem. And they are spreading the delusion that a vaccine will solve the problem.

Coronavirus doesn’t exist, and in fact it is just an illusion that is being propagated by PCR test as if it does exist. Even though there is no evidence in Drosten’s paper that the disease can be transmitted without onset, the WHO immediately spread it as the truth without verification because it was a conspiracy set up from the beginning.

The death rate is less than the flu, so what’s all the fuss about? Masks, Three C’s, social distance, self-restraint, etc., accumulate a sense of stagnation in the public and conclude that the solution is vaccines.

Since the coronavirus is not an isolated identified virus, but just a genetic code encoded by inference, and it is a vaccine against it, it is not a protein vaccine, but a genetic vaccine. So the vaccine gene could attach to human cells and genes in the body and multiply. We don’t know what kind of negative effects it will have.

Why would anyone want to do something so dangerous? In the end, not only do pharmaceutical companies make money by damaging human health and increasing disease, but they can also use vaccines to monitor and control people and contribute to population reduction… How convenient for the upper class citizens. As expected, AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been rejected by many countries as dangerous. However, the Japanese media rarely report this.

Book Corona Fehlalarm?
German exposé on coronavirus policy

Also, with the self-restraint lockdown, small businesses will be destroyed and their production infrastructure and human resources will be bought up cheaply and absorbed by major Western capital. This is the real intention of Suga, who can follow Atkinson’s lead.

These are the same policies that the world’s economic elite gathered in Davos many years ago to plan for the Great Reset. For the Great Reset to clear the unpayable debt of the U.S., the rough treatment is to clear the dollar as the reserve currency, in other words, to pop the bubble that has been inflated by the overflow of dollars. I don’t really understand this, but it seems to be the case. Even if the bubble bursts and causes a great depression or even a war, it is still a business opportunity for the economic elite.

The current economic crisis could be even more tragic than the one that occurred 80 years ago, when a similar thing happened and the whole world was in trouble… What should we do? This is not the time to wear a mask, the scary world is coming… What to do… I do not know.

Originally posted on March 28, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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