Last night was our monthly Men’s Cooking. Three women and four men joined us for an homey gathering. The menu was Chinese, including Chinese rice bowl, Chinese chilled tofu, egg drop soup, spinach namul, and radish cake.

Chinese rice bowl, Chinese chilled tofu, egg drop soup, spinach namul, and radish cake

The menu was common, but all the dishes were of a special grade, as elegant and rich as a Chinese restaurant. It’s not so much that the recipes are good, but rather that the men’s meticulous movements give them that flavor!

Above all, the most powerful thing is that they are able to create an atmosphere where the women can chat and enjoy their meal in peace. This power is more powerful than any menu in any restaurant. Men who have this power are sure to live a rich life in the future. Women will also realize the true value of men, and they won’t be pushed around by bad men anymore. It’s truly a great opportunity for all of us.

MM-chan, who recently completed her divorce, Suzu-san, who is preparing for her divorce, and M-chan, who is repairing her family after her divorce, are all on the road to recovery and happiness. Of course, there’s also Koj san, who’s also divorced, Yo-chan, who’s about to start visitation, K-san, who’s been working part-time and doing volunteer work since his voluntary retirement, and U-yan, who’s broken free from his long years of withdrawal and is now committing himself to the world. All of these men are also heading down the road to happiness.

Their original families went through a lot, but now they’re all growing up with family-like therapies such as Men’s Cooking and Gourmet Night. My role as a mom is also growing.

Mom Mich

Originally posted on April 5, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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