The following is a handout for a mini-lecture I’m giving at the Tokyo session this Sunday. I am not really sure how medically correct this is, but the more I think about the Corona mess, the more questions I have… And the media and experts are not giving out the correct information.

Problems with the coronavirus vaccine

COVID-19 has yet to be isolated and identified by anyone in the world, and its reality has not been determined. Based on the DNA code published by the Chinese group, PCR tests are only used to estimate the presence of the virus, and PCR should not and cannot be used for diagnosis, as the inventor Kary Mullis says. Also, the paper by Drosten in Germany, which announced the possibility of infection from an uninfected person, was never tested or verified. WHO immediately announced to the world that there was a possibility of infection from an uninfected person based on that announcement, and the whole world started talking about masks, lockdown, and social distance without any evidence. In this way, fake news of coronavirus deaths was created around the world, and a sense of crisis was fanned as if mass deaths were occurring. In reality, as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has informed us, any death that is PCR positive will be counted as a coronavirus death. In the U.S., even deaths on motorcycles were counted as coronarvirus deaths. In fact, no country has seen a higher rate of excess mortality from coronavirus. This means delusional infection and delusional death. The number of deaths from ‘coronavirus infection’ in Japan is about 5,000, which is far less than the number of deaths from other respiratory diseases… So why does the media continue to call a positive PCR result an infection and stir up anxiety? This can only be described as malicious. It is the intention of the pharmaceutical companies and the international finance capital behind them to spread the vaccine before the existence of the coronavirus is no longer a problem due to herd immunity, and to establish the illusion that the vaccine has killed the coronavirus. They want to introduce a so-called “vaccine passport” to control people under the delusion that if they don’t get the vaccine, they will become a new infected person and a danger to others…for what purpose…to completely control the minds of the people. Project Veritas, a minor media outlet, recently exposed the intentions of CNN’s main staff and president. One of them is to incite fear by exaggerating and repeatedly reporting the number of coronavirus deaths. The dialogue was that since they were able to bring down Trump with that and spread the vaccine, the next step was to stir up fears about climate change. Why would CNN make such a move? Could it be the creation of a world unity government, which is the end of globalism, the goal of the WHO and other economic elites who control the world? It’s not only CNN, but also the governments of other countries, and I believe only the governments of Belarus and Senegal refused.

The Coronavirus vaccine is mRNA vaccine. Since the actual nature of coronaviruses has not been confirmed, it is not possible to produce vaccines by isolating, propagating, inactivating, or weakening the virus, and the only way to do so is to produce gene vaccines based on inferred gene sequences. The theory seems to be that the gene (mRNA) that produces the coronavirus spike protein is introduced into the body, and the gene produces the coronavirus spike protein in the body’s cells, which then acts as an antigen to produce antibodies against the virus.

However, the question is whether the spike protein produced in the body can be recognized as a foreign substance and cause an antigen-antibody reaction, or in other words, whether antibodies can be produced. In addition, there is also the question of whether the production of the protein will end somewhere or whether it will continue to be reproduced indefinitely. Furthermore, another question is whether the genes will be incorporated into the genes of somatic cells, causing the somatic cells to mutate genetically. Due to these and other concerns about gene vaccines, they have not been approved for a long time. However, in the wake of the corona mess, they have been approved worldwide without any confirmation of their safety.

In any case, it would be correct to say that the corona mess was not the spread of an unknown virus, but the spread of fear and PCR test kits. In any case, it would be correct to say that the corona mess was not the spread of an unknown virus, but the spread of fear and PCR test kits.This is probably a conspiracy hatched years ago by the economic elite at Davos and Bilderberg meetings, and it all started with the mysterious death of Kary Mullis. I guess it’s the dark truth that people who only watch TV and newspapers can never understand. Are you going to be a person or a pig?

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Originally posted on April 16, 2021

English text translated with DeepL (Japanese to English) and checked by Mina.

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