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Green at JAFAREC

Training for opening Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline

Yesterday was a training to train telephone counselors for the Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline. The theme of yesterday’s learning was ” social pathology and composite support”. The support that is available in the world is what we call in narrative therapy, “the problem creates the system,” which leads to the reality that the …

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An piano minapi with baby

Want to play the piano? The piano at Ten-Sho-An is called “Minapi”

Ten-Sho-An has a Yamaha upright piano. Its name is Minapi, and it was born about fifty years ago. There were many things that happened to her, but for the past 20 years, she has been sleeping without being celebrated. But this spring, for some reason, she woke up and moved into Ten-Sho-An. It has been …

Ten-Sho-An Entran ce

August 8th will see the grand opening of “Ten-Sho-An”, the first retreat-style facility for clients of domestic/relationship issues

Aiming towards the true recovery of domestic abuse victims and offenders Press Release: JAFAREC (Japan Family Rebirth Center ) hereby announces the grand opening of “Ten-Sho-An” on August 8th (Saturday), in City of Nantan, a rural region of Kyoto prefecture. The multipurpose family support facility aims to expand the range of support and rehabilitation that …