Counseling for all who are suffering domestic violence and various difficulties.

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Ten-Sho-An is the multipurpose family support facility aims to expand the range of support and rehabilitation that the center offers to all its clients involved in domestic violence and abuse.

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De-Violence Workshop

Workshops in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo for men and women who want to let go of violence.

I morally harassed my wife.
At that time, I participated in a program for domestic violence perpetrators, but my participation was suspended because my words and actions were not in line with the instructor’s intentions.

It was JAFAREC’s Tokyo Workshop that I found myself clinging to.

The instructor, Mich, and all the participants welcomed me warmly. Through the group workshop, where both men and women participate together, the pain I had been feeling is lessening and the problems I had been facing are melting away.

If I hadn’t had this opportunity, I would have continued to feel this way for a long time, and even if I had found a new partner, I would have repeated the same thing.

Even though I am like this, I feel like I am starting to see what happiness is.

– N (Male participant, Tokyo)

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Domestic Violence Shelter Japan

Shelters are available regardless of gender and whether you are a perpetrator or a victim (maximum capacity of two families). Please contact us in advance if you wish to use the shelter, as we may not be able to accept sudden requests. The facility can be used as deemed necessary.


Visitation for non-custodial parents and their children due to separation, divorce, etc.



Not only providing information about laws, systems, and various social resources, but also advocating to the government, police, lawyers, and other organizations when necessary, with psychological support.


Planning and operating seminars and workshops.

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