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JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An flowers plum

April Events

Fri, 2 Apr 7pm – 8:45pm: Women’s and Men’s Mind and Heart Group Workshop at Small Conference Room 6, Kusatsu Plaza, Shiga Sat, 3 Apr 1pm: Parents And Children’s Network Kansai at Takatsuki Municipal General Civil Exchange Center Sun, 4 Apr 5pm: Men’s Cooking at JAFAREC Kyoto *Reservation required Thu, 8 Apr 7:30pm: Men’s nonviolence …

JAFAREC Tokyo Workshop Feb 2021

Tomorrow in Nihonbashi, Tokyo… with a lecture and workshop on family

What is a family… Let me examine the family illusion that many people in the world believe in, from the perspective of primatology, folklore and so on. When a family problem arises, people look for who is at fault, and assume that the problem will be solved by punishing or separating the person. But this …