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Men's Counseling

Knowing, accepting, and talking about yourself…the basics of trust

Yesterday, I had my monthly Yoyogi workshop session. The first mini-lecture in the morning was about “Family functions and therapy”. I started by talking about how the men’s movement has been involved in supporting men or women, going back thirty years ago when I started Japan’s first men’s movement with my companions, and how men’s …

JAFAREC newspaper partnership act Kyoto

You are just as good as you are… the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto

On September 1, the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto city. Five years behind Shibuya and Setagaya. Currently, about 50 local governments have introduced a partnership system, but only a few in Japan as a whole. Since it is not a law, it has no legal validity, but it provides welfare and other benefits …

Men's Counseling course

Men’s Counseling course… for soulful therapy

Yesterday was the third lecture of the Men’s Counseling course…my lecture was a slightly more compact version of what I’ll be talking about tomorrow at an university, “Gender and the Law”. I spoke about various phenomena related to “sex” from a perspective that goes beyond the norm. We accept “sex” as a matter of course, …

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Men's Counseling

Is self-actualization difficult for women?

Yesterday, we had a Women’s workshop. The number of participants was small, including one man and two on Skype. The theme was “check your identity development level” to recognize your level of psychosocial development. We used Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, which I mentioned the other day in this blog. Many of yesterday’s participants were …