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JAFAREC Gourmet Night Mar 2021
Men's Counseling

Narrative, recovery, and… Co-growing Gourmet Night

Last night’s Gourmet Night happened to coincide with my X7th birthday, so the participants surprised me with various gifts. I’m an old man in terms of age, but I’m still growing up. I replied to everyone, “I’m finally seven years old.” Some were gifts of flowers, some were gifts of music, some were messages… and …

JAFAREC Workshop Gourmet Night Oden
Men's Counseling

Drink, eat, and talk… It was a packed Gourmet Night

Last night was the Gourmet Night, with many people who hadn’t been here for a long time, and their grown up children. We had a full house of more than 20 people including adults and children. Anyway, it’s insane that people from all kinds of families, both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, get together …

JAFAREC Workshop Gourmet Night Saba
Men's Counseling

Drink, eat and laugh… The Gourmet Night to laugh about Coronavirus

Last night was our monthly Gourmet Night. My recommendations were saba sushi (mackerel), taco rice, simmered sea bream, and so on. The turnout was slow, and by 8:00 pm there were only a few guests… but by 9:00 a.m., a lot of people showed up, and as usual, more than ten attended. It would not …

JAFAREC Workshop gourmet night Thai curry
Men's Counseling

It’s still a lot fun and interesting foodie night… and they had an endless conversation last night

Last night’s gourmet night, we had about 12 men and women who are victims and perpetrators. About four of them were women… Recommendations for the menu included Thai coconut curry, hamachi sashimi, sama sushi, and so on. There were men and women who attended for the first time…but everyone enjoyed the dialogue and the chatter …

JAFAREC fruit custard tart
Men's Counseling

It’s Gourmet Night … drinking, eating, talking … the “Three C’s”

Tonight is our monthly Gourmet night…we always have about 50 items ready to go. We only get about 10% of the orders, so we don’t make a profit at all, just enough to cover the cost of the food. Only a few of the leftover foods need to be discarded, and they can be stored …