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Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline telephone counselor training
Men's Counseling

You can’t change the past… but you can change the meaning…

The other day was the “Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline” telephone counselor training. The turnout was slow, but after an hour or so, we had the usual crowd of about eight people. Almost all of the participants in the training were survivors of abuse. Some were perpetrators and some were victims. They had recovered …

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Divorce meeting and post-divorce meeting … an essential requirement for restorative divorce

Recently, I’ve had a few things to work on related to the Report of Divorce. It’s really heartbreaking to see families dismantled after hurting each other senselessly in court. In order to prevent such a situation from happening, I am trying to arrange things in my own way, hoping that the outcome will be such …

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Men’s Counseling Association…General meeting held!

Yesterday was the general meeting of the Men’s Counseling Association. The association is a private organization with more than 20 members, a small group, but…it’s been more than a decade since its establishment, and we’ve run a series of courses four times a year and an annual Japan Men’s Conference without a break. The term …

Men's Counseling course

Men’s Counseling course… for soulful therapy

Yesterday was the third lecture of the Men’s Counseling course…my lecture was a slightly more compact version of what I’ll be talking about tomorrow at an university, “Gender and the Law”. I spoke about various phenomena related to “sex” from a perspective that goes beyond the norm. We accept “sex” as a matter of course, …

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Women’s recovery… if there are various choices and a long-term follow-up in support

Yesterday, we had a study session with the theme “Support for women in Men’s Counseling” as Lesson 2 of Men’s Counseling Lecture Program. I wrote in my May 4th’s Diary about the problems in existing general supports for women including those provided by the government. I got aware of the problems when I was listening …