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The Cat That Lived a Million Times
Men's Counseling

Know yourself, live yourself… A shortcut to problem solving and happiness

The workshops continued on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Women’s workshop had about ten participants on site and online, and the Men’s workshop was small with three participants, and the Friday night workshop had six participants on site and online. It’s good to have a small gathering to talk about things deeply. In both workshops, …

Green at JAFAREC

Training for opening Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline

Yesterday was a training to train telephone counselors for the Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline. The theme of yesterday’s learning was ” social pathology and composite support”. The support that is available in the world is what we call in narrative therapy, “the problem creates the system,” which leads to the reality that the …

Women's workshop Rescue Tools
Men's Counseling

Erotic and grotesque are sometimes useful… Anything for a rescue tool?

Today we had Women’s workshop… There were ten of us, including two men and an online participant. The topic was “Rescue Tools.” This is a workshop where we analyze ourselves and share with others the tools, relationships, things, spaces, etc. that we use to overcome crises and maintain peace in difficult times, anxious times, troubled …

Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline telephone counselor training
Men's Counseling

You can’t change the past… but you can change the meaning…

The other day was the “Domestic Violence and Moral Harassment Hotline” telephone counselor training. The turnout was slow, but after an hour or so, we had the usual crowd of about eight people. Almost all of the participants in the training were survivors of abuse. Some were perpetrators and some were victims. They had recovered …

Men's workshop My Rules JAFAREC
Men's Counseling

Family is other people… Be happy and free from the family illusion

The topic of yesterday’s Osaka workshop and the one before that at Men’s workshop was “My Rules”. The idea was to sort out the behavioral norms that we are hardly aware of into “My Rules, Family Rules, and Social Rules” and share them with others. By separating the norms that apply to you alone, the …

JAFAREC Tokyo workshop Mar 2021 full 2
Men's Counseling

Ultimately, family is other people… Dismantling the family fantasy, and family happiness

It was quite rainy last Sunday, so I thought the session in Nihonbashi would not be well attended… but… The mini-lecture was “The Family from the Perspective of Primatology and Human History” and we chatted. The theme of the workshop was “What is a family? And from noon, we had an “Egogram” session. By that …

JAFAREC Gourmet Night Mar 2021
Men's Counseling

Narrative, recovery, and… Co-growing Gourmet Night

Last night’s Gourmet Night happened to coincide with my X7th birthday, so the participants surprised me with various gifts. I’m an old man in terms of age, but I’m still growing up. I replied to everyone, “I’m finally seven years old.” Some were gifts of flowers, some were gifts of music, some were messages… and …

JAFAREC Tokyo Workshop Feb 2021

Tomorrow in Nihonbashi, Tokyo… with a lecture and workshop on family

What is a family… Let me examine the family illusion that many people in the world believe in, from the perspective of primatology, folklore and so on. When a family problem arises, people look for who is at fault, and assume that the problem will be solved by punishing or separating the person. But this …